Ice Maker Line InstallationMany new refrigerators now come equipped with water dispensers and ice makers. Installing a water line to your new refrigerator requires a  little know how of the plumbing within your home. Proper installation is key to preventing leaks down the road. Len The Plumber offers ice maker line installation to your refrigerator and can have it done the same day. Our expert Maryland, Washington, and Northern Virginia plumbers can hook up your water line in no time.

Ice Maker Line Repair

Has your ice maker stopped making ice? Have you noticed water coming from the bottom or your refrigerator? Leaks and clogs in the ice maker line are very common occurrences and can lead to major issues if not handled properly.  Call us today if:

  • You just purchased a new refrigerator and need a water line installed
  • Your ice maker line is leaking
  • Your ice maker line is clogged

No matter what your ice maker problem is, call Len the Plumber! Our expert plumbers can install a new ice maker line to your fridge or can make repairs to your existing ice maker line.

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