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Sewer Line Replacement in Burlington, Camden, Mercer, and Middlesex County, NJ

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Sewer Line

Traditional & Trenchless Sewer Replacement Methods Available!

It’s a homeowner’s worst nightmare: What seemed to be a simple toilet clog or backed-up drain was actually a symptom of main sewer line damage. Now your home’s sewer line needs to be replaced, which is no small job! Finding a plumbing company to replace it feels like an even bigger job – who can you possibly trust with something that will impact the performance of your home’s plumbing for decades?

Len The Plumber is here to help! For over 25 years, we’ve been replacing sewer lines with minimum hassle and maximum results for homeowners in the Northeast US. We pride ourselves on our 2-hour response time to sewer line emergencies in Burlington County and Camden County. When you need a new sewer line and you want the job done quickly but done well, trust Len The Plumber!

If you’re experiencing issues with your sewer line in Camden County or Burlington County, call Len The Plumber online at 800-950-4619 for fast relief. We offer video camera inspections to determine the extent of the damage, and we can replace your sewer line quickly to restore your home’s plumbing.

Need Help Fast?

Don’t wait to take care of issues with your sewer line! Neglecting a sewer line problem can cause serious damage to your home and property, and it can put our plumbing system out of commission for days. That’s why Len The Plumber offers video sewer line inspections and same day plumbing rooter service.

We offer a 2-hour response time on all main drain and sewer line emergencies! Call us now at 800-950-4619.

What Is Your Sewer Line?

Most homeowners don’t know much about their sewer line. That’s perfectly understandable, because it’s buried deep underground and you don’t normally have to think about it. Your water line carries clean water into your home, where it comes out of your fixtures – your bathtubs, showers, sinks, etc. Every one of those fixtures has a drain to carry the used water away. Those drains lead to your main sewer line, which carries all wastewater out of your home. Your sewer line runs from your home to the street, where it connects to the public water treatment system.

The important thing to remember is this: Since your sewer line is connected to every drain in your home, a damaged or clogged sewer line affects every plumbing fixture. They won’t be able to drain properly, and sewage may come back up the drains. A sewer line break or clog is a major plumbing issue that requires immediate intervention.

Signs of Broken Sewer Lines

Since you can’t see your sewer line, it can be difficult to tell if a plumbing issue is isolated to one area or if it’s a more serious sewer line problem. Look for the following signs to determine whether you have a broken or clogged sewer line:

  • Plumbing backs up at the lowest point in your home – The toilets or sinks may back up in your basement or lower level, which are closest to your sewer line.
  • When you run water anywhere, the backup gets worse – Even if you run water from a sink two stories above the clogged one, more water will come out of the backed-up drains.
  • Multiple fixtures are clogged – If multiple toilets or sinks are clogged, it is most likely not a coincidence.
  • Your fixtures act strangely – If flushing a toilet causes water to come out of your shower drain, your toilet starts to bubble, or you hear unusual gurgling noises from your toilet or drains, you may have a sewer line problem.
  • You notice changes in your lawn – Wastewater leaking underground from your sewer line will impact your lawn. You may see an indentation, patches of extra green grass, or soggy areas in your yard.

If you notice any of these signs in your Camden County or Burlington County home, you may need sewer line replacement. Don’t wait to call Len The Plumber – running any water in your home will only cause sewer backups to get worse! Call 800-950-4619 immediately – we’ll respond within 2 hours to provide the emergency sewer and drain rooter service you need!

Read about warning signs of main line clogs »

Our Sewer Line Replacement Services in Burlington County & Camden County

At Len The Plumber, we understand that a broken sewer line is a major disruption and inconvenience for homeowners. Our goal is to make the replacement process as easy and stress-free as possible, while providing you with seamless installation of a sturdy new sewer line that restores your home’s plumbing. We will always use the least invasive method possible to avoid causing unnecessary damage to your yard.

  • Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement – If your old sewer pipe isn’t completely collapsed or sagging, we can use this minimally disruptive technique. With this method, a cable is inserted into the damaged sewer line to pull the new sewer line into position. This bursts the old pipe while putting the new one in its place without digging up your yard or damaging your property. The only digging needed is for two small access holes—otherwise, you’ll hardly be able to tell that the work was done!
  • Traditional Sewer Line Replacement – If your old sewer pipe is too damaged or corroded, or if it is completely collapsed or sagging, we will not be able to use the trenchless method. Instead, we will use the more traditional method of digging a trench to excavate your old sewer line. After removing the broken sewer line, we’ll put a new one in its place, connecting it at both ends to your home and the public system.

No matter which method we use, our team will treat your property with respect and strive to minimize the damage to your landscaping as much as possible. The important thing is that both methods result in a new sewer line that runs smoothly and restores your home’s plumbing.

Is Sewer Line Replacement Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Homeowners are fully responsible for their sewer line up to their property line. Replacement coverage depends on your homeowners insurance policy, but in general, we find that homeowners insurance does not cover the cost of replacing a sewer line. Some policies cover any property or water damage caused by a broken sewer line, but not the replacement itself.

Choose the Best Sewer Line Replacement Company in Camden County & Burlington County.

A sewer line break or collapse is a major plumbing emergency that requires swift action. When your sewer line fails, you need a plumbing company that will arrive quickly, work with care, and perform high-quality work to ensure that your new sewer line is properly installed. In short, you need Len The Plumber. Plumbing is all we do, and our expert plumbers handle an average of five sewer and excavation jobs per day! You can trust our top-tier rooter plumbing company to handle any sewer line problem at your Camden County or Burlington County home. We never charge extra for service on nights and weekends, and we offer flexible financing options to help you fit this unexpected expense into your budget.

Leave it to the experts – call Len The Plumber at 800-950-4619 now if you need sewer line replacement in Camden County or Burlington County, NJ!

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