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Storage Tank & Control Repair in the Northern Virginia Area

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Good water pressure and flow rate in your home is essential for your comfort and convenience. If you rely on a well for your water supply, you may need occasional service to ensure that your well and its integral parts, such as the well pump and well pressure tank, are working properly to provide you with a strong and steady stream for your faucets and showers.

Trust the experts at Len The Plumber for exceptional well service in the Northern Virginia area. With 25 years in the industry and 60,000 families served every year, we can handle any plumbing service — guaranteed!

Call Len The Plumber at (800) 950-4619(800) 950-4619 or contact us online today for well storage tank repair in the Northern Virginia area.

What Is a Well Pressure Tank?

Also known as a well storage tank, a well pressure tank is a major component of your home’s well system. This tank uses compressed air to bring pressurized water from your well pump into your home.

The tank stores pressured water to be propelled by air through your pipes, and when it recognizes that the water pressure is low, it alerts your pressure switch to turn your water pump back on. This prevents your well pump from turning on and off every time you use your home’s water and helps to extend the life of your well pump.

Even with a functioning well pressure tank, you may still not have the water pressure you desire. In this case, you may consider the addition of a booster pump or a constant pressure system to work seamlessly with your existing well system.

Signs You Need Storage Tank & Control Repair

If your well pressure tank is no longer functioning properly, it is important to get service before it causes major issues in your home. The experts at Len The Plumber can quickly diagnose the issue and provide the necessary repairs in a quick and timely manner to get your water flowing again.

Signs that you may need storage tank repair include:

  • A decrease in water pressure
  • High water bills
  • Too much or too little water in the tank
  • Bubbles or sediment in the water
  • A change to your water’s taste, smell, or color

For well repair you can trust, call Len The Plumber at (800) 950-4619(800) 950-4619 or contact us online today! 

Choose Len The Plumber for Well Services in Northern Virginia

Trust Len The Plumber when your well is on the fritz. We’re a local team dedicated to providing the highest quality service in Northern Virginia.

With 24/7 emergency repair and same day service seven days a week, you can rest assured that your home’s well system is in good hands. Our plumbers are the best in the business, and with a great customer reviews and comprehensive guarantees, we’ll always exceed your expectations.

Call us today at (800) 950-4619(800) 950-4619 or contact us online for storage tank and control repair for your NOVA home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal pressure for a well pressure tank?

Depending on your tank’s pressure settings, we recommend that you set your pressure at 2 psi below the pressure switch’s cut-on point. If your well tank is set at 30/50 as most are, then we recommend setting the pressure to 28 psi.

How do I check my well tank’s pressure setting?

Your well tank’s pressure setting should be written on the side of it. However, to check yourself, let the water in your home run when the tank is full.
By watching the pressure switch, you can determine when the well pump turns on and off. You pressure switch should cut on at 30 psi and cut off at 50 psi.

What causes a well pressure tank failure?

Most well pressure tank failures are due to:

  • Corrosion
  • Extended use
  • Pressure switch failure

We highly recommend managing your water quality and scheduling a yearly inspection of your tank to avoid these issues.

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