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Boiler Services in the Philadelphia Area

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Proudly Serving Montgomery & Bucks Counties

You shouldn’t have to deal with a cold home because of a faulty heating system. Invest in your family’s comfort with expert boiler services.

Len The Plumber Heating & Air offers boiler repair, replacement, and maintenance for homeowners in the Philadelphia area.

Our team has provided top-rated customer care and home service expertise for over 25 years, and we’d be happy to do the same for your home.

Call (800) 950-4619(800) 950-4619 today to schedule boiler services in Montgomery or Bucks County, PA.

24/7 Emergency Boiler Repair

Is your boiler malfunctioning? You can count on Len The Plumber Heating & Air for same day and 24/7 emergency heating repair.

You should request boiler repair from our team if:

  • You notice water pooling around your boiler.
  • Your boiler has low pressure and cold radiators.
  • Your boiler turns on and off frequently.
  • You hear whistling noises from your boiler that sound like a tea kettle.

We’ll inspect your system to determine what’s causing the issue. Once we pinpoint the source of the problem, we’ll fix it right away.

Schedule boiler repair for your home by calling Len The Plumber Heating & Air at (800) 950-4619(800) 950-4619 now.

Boiler Installation & Replacement for Montgomery & Bucks County Homes

If you want to install a new boiler, contact Len The Plumber Heating & Air for help. Boilers typically last for 15 years, so if your unit isn’t keeping your home as comfortable as you’d like and needs frequent repairs, start planning your heating replacement.

We’ll help you choose the right size and type of boiler based on your home and budget. We’ll safely remove your existing heating system and install and test your new boiler to ensure optimal function.

Preventative Boiler Maintenance

Do you want to keep your boiler in good condition for years and minimize repair costs? If so, you should schedule routine heating maintenance. We’ll inspect your boiler to ensure proper safety and function.

During your boiler maintenance appointment, we will:

  • Clean dirty components
  • Check for leaks
  • Inspect the drain line and drain trap
  • Make sure wiring and connections aren’t damaged
  • Look for any corrosion
  • Repair or replace any damaged components

You should schedule boiler maintenance at least once a year. This will ensure your boiler is ready to keep your home warm all winter.

Contact Len The Plumber Heating & Air online or call (800) 950-4619(800) 950-4619 today to schedule boiler maintenance in Montgomery or Bucks County.

Why Choose Len The Plumber Heating & Air for Boiler Services?

When you need boiler installation, repair, or maintenance, look no further than Len The Plumber Heating & Air for expert recommendations and superior customer care.

We’re a top-rated home service company serving homeowners throughout Montgomery and Bucks counties. Choose our team for:

Call Len The Plumber Heating & Air at (800) 950-4619(800) 950-4619 now to schedule boiler services for your Philadelphia-area home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a boiler and water heater?

Many homeowners aren’t sure about the difference between boilers and water heaters. They look similar but have different purposes:

  • Water heaters heat potable water for personal use, such as washing dishes, showering, bathing, drinking, and cooking.
  • Boilers heat non-potable water and distribute the water vapor throughout homes through radiators or baseboard heating to provide even, reliable heating.

Are boilers efficient?

Yes, but your boiler’s efficiency largely depends on the type of fuel source it uses. ENERGY STAR® certified boilers must meet the following efficiency requirements:

  • Natural gas boilers: 90% AFUE or greater
  • Oil boilers: 87% AFUE or greater
  • Electric boilers: 95% or greater

What’s the best boiler temperature?

The optimal boiler temperature is between 140 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This range will keep your home sufficiently warm and your system running optimally.

If your boiler temperature is too low, you run the risk of bacteria growth in the water. Conversely, if it’s too high, you risk your boiler overheating, which can lead to leaks and breakdowns.

What is boiler kettling?

Boiler kettling refers to the whistling, popping, and bubbling sounds that can come from a boiler with the following issues:

  • Leaks: If you hear boiler kettling, first check for leaks. If you notice one, schedule a professional boiler repair immediately.
  • Overheating: As boilers age, they tend to have problems with overheating and kettling. If your system is approaching the end of its life span, it’s time for a boiler replacement.
  • Limescale buildup: If you have hard water, your boiler can have a problem with limescale buildup on its heat exchanger. Over time, this will cause water restriction and overheating. You may need to replace your boiler’s heat exchanger to resolve this issue. You should also consider installing a whole-home water softener to mitigate the effects of hard water.
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