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HVAC Services in Langhorne, PA

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We’re committed to delivering top-notch services while prioritizing your convenience and transparency.

With Len The Plumber Heating & Air, you can experience true peace of mind knowing that there are no extra charges for evening, weekend, or overtime services–your comfort is our priority no matter the time.

We believe in honesty and transparency, so we provide upfront pricing before any work begins, ensuring you’re fully aware of every detail without any hidden surprises.

In need of HVAC services in Langhorne? Call Len The Plumber Heating & Air at (800) 950-4619(800) 950-4619 to schedule.

24/7 Emergency HVAC Repair

Our 24/7 emergency HVAC repair services at Len The Plumber Heating & Air are here to ensure your comfort is never compromised, no matter the time of day.

If you’re experiencing a sudden loss of heating or cooling, unusual and strong odors coming from your HVAC system, or unexplained increases in your energy bills, it might be a sign that you need our immediate assistance.

Trust us to swiftly address these concerns and more, providing reliable solutions around the clock.

Call Len The Plumber Heating & Air at (800) 950-4619(800) 950-4619 for 24/7 emergency HVAC repair in Langhorne. 

Air Conditioning Services for Langhorne Homes

When it comes to air conditioning services, Len The Plumber Heating & Air offers comprehensive solutions to keep you cool and comfortable year-round.

Our services include:

  • Air conditioning repair: We can address issues such as insufficient cooling, unusual noises, and frequent cycling, ensuring your comfort is restored with expertise and care.
  • Air conditioning installation and replacement: Elevate your indoor comfort with a new AC that provides optimal cooling, improved energy efficiency, and more comfortable living space while helping you save on utility bills.
  • Air conditioning maintenance: Routine tune-ups ensure the longevity and efficiency of your cooling system and include essential tasks such as filter replacement, refrigerant level checks, and coil cleaning.

Our team provides expert air conditioning services for your Langhorne home. Call Len The Plumber Heating & Air at (800) 950-4619(800) 950-4619.

Heating Services in the Langhorne Area

Our expert team provides personalized solutions that guarantee optimal performance and energy efficiency for your heating needs in Langhorne.

We provide:

  • Heating repair: We’ll swiftly address issues like inconsistent heating, strange noises, or thermostat malfunctions, restoring warmth and comfort to your home.
  • Heating installation and replacement: Transform your home’s warmth with heating installation and replacement services, unlocking enhanced energy efficiency, consistent temperature control, and reduced utility costs.
  • Heating maintenance: Optimize your heating system’s performance and prevent potential issues by scheduling routine tune-ups annually before the colder seasons.

Furnace Services

With its versatility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, the furnace remains the most popular heating system choice, and our expert team is dedicated to maximizing its performance for your comfort.

Len The Plumber Heating & Air specializes in comprehensive furnace services, catering to both gas and electric furnaces, providing thorough installations, repairs, and maintenance to ensure consistent, reliable, and efficient heating.

Boiler Services

Our team is proud to offer expert services for boilers, including installation and repairs, providing efficient and reliable heating solutions.

Experience the benefits of radiant heating, including even and consistent warmth distribution, reduced allergen circulation, and energy efficiency, and keep your boiler expertly maintained by our skilled team.

Looking for comprehensive heating solutions? Call Len The Plumber Heating & Air at (800) 950-4619(800) 950-4619 to schedule service for your Langhorne residence.

Heat Pump Services

Heat pumps are versatile systems that cool your home in the summer and heat it in the winter by transferring heat between the indoor and outdoor air.

Opting for a heat pump over traditional central AC and heating systems can offer energy efficiency, reduced operating costs, and year-round comfort.

Our heat pump services include:

  • Heat pump repair
  • Heat pump installation and replacement
  • Heat pump maintenance

Upgrade your home’s comfort and efficiency with our advanced heat pump solutions. Call Len The Plumber Heating & Air at (800) 950-4619(800) 950-4619 or schedule heat pump service online.

Ductless AC Services in Langhorne

Unlike traditional systems that rely on extensive ductwork, ductless mini-splits consist of compact indoor air handlers connected to an outdoor unit, enabling individualized climate control for specific rooms or areas.

Let us help you with:

  • Ductless AC repair: Our skilled technicians are ready to swiftly diagnose and address any issues with your ductless AC system, ensuring efficient cooling and optimal performance.
  • Ductless AC installation and replacement: Trust us for seamless installation or replacement of your ductless AC units tailored to your space for efficient and personalized comfort.
  • Ductless AC maintenance: Keep your ductless AC system in peak condition with our thorough maintenance services, from cleaning filters to checking refrigerant levels, ensuring reliable and energy-efficient operation.

Transform your living spaces in Langhorne, PA, with customizable comfort through our cutting-edge ductless systems. Call Len The Plumber Heating & Air at (800) 950-4619(800) 950-4619.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Len The Plumber Heating & Air offers comprehensive indoor air quality services, focusing on enhancing the air you breathe in your home. Recognizing the significance of indoor air quality in maintaining health and comfort, our expert solutions address allergens, pollutants, and humidity, ensuring a healthier and more enjoyable living environment.

Enjoy the benefits of:

Prioritize the purity of the air you and your family breathe every day in your Langhorne, PA, home with our indoor air quality services. Call Len The Plumber Heating & Air at (800) 950-4619(800) 950-4619 or contact us online.

Sign Up for the Whole Home Service Plan

Ensure your HVAC system’s peak performance by enrolling in our comprehensive Whole Home Service Plan. Scheduled HVAC maintenance twice a year, before the heating and cooling seasons, keeps your system running smoothly year-round. With the Whole Home Service Plan, you gain priority service, enjoy a 15% discount on repairs, and have access to our live call takers seven days a week, ensuring your comfort is never compromised.

Have you scheduled maintenance for your heating and cooling systems? Call (800) 950-4619(800) 950-4619 to stay ahead of potential HVAC issues and enroll in our service plan.

Why Choose Len The Plumber Heating & Air?

Discover unparalleled HVAC services in Langhorne with Len The Plumber Heating & Air. Our fully stocked trucks ensure swift solutions, while our courteous customer service team prioritizes your satisfaction.

With over 25 years of experience in the home service industry, trust us to deliver expertise and reliability for all your heating and cooling needs.

Call Len The Plumber Heating & Air at (800) 950-4619(800) 950-4619 to schedule HVAC services in Langhorne today.

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