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The Life Expectancy Of Your Home’s Plumbing

All water heaters, faucets, toilets and other fixtures were certainly not created equal!  Depending on what brand you have, some fixtures will rust faster than others, and there are others that last a lot long than the average.  Sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason why some plumbing fixtures survive longer than others.

Your home’s plumbing system is pretty unpredictable, and it’s difficult to know when certain fixtures will stop working. If you’ve taken the time to perform regular maintenance and have properly prepared your home for each season, your plumbing fixtures could last longer than others.  These averages can definitely vary, but the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors publishes some life expectancy facts for the most popular plumbing fixtures in your home to give you some guidelines.

  • Water Heater-8-12 years
  • Well Pump- 10-12 years
  • Sump pump- 4-7 years
  • Kitchen Faucets (if not clogged by mineral or other deposits) – 15 years
  • Hose Bibbs (depending on proper preparation for seasonal elements)-10-15 years
  • Toilet Tank Components- 5 year

Preventative maintenance is the key when trying to preserve the life of some of these plumbing fixtures.  However, when you have a leak or if a part of your plumbing is fairly old, the better and more cost effective option would be to replace the fixture instead of repairing it!

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