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Main Line Clogs & Clog Removal Service in the Mid Atlantic Region

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Is your home’s water supply insufficient for meeting your daily water use needs? You may have a clog in your water main line. The only way to effectively remove a clog in your water main is by having a professional plumber identify the root cause of the blockage and remove it from your plumbing system. At Len The Plumber, our team uses video camera inspection and sophisticated clog removal technology to deliver the long-lasting water main clog removal solutions you need.

Len The Plumber has the team you need to resolve any water main line clog problem. Contact us to schedule main line clog removal services in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Delaware today!

Signs Your Home’s Water Main is Clogged

When your water main line suffers a clog, you’ll notice the signs of needed service. The following are just some of the symptoms you’ll begin to see in your plumbing system when it’s time to schedule water main line clog removal services:

  • Multiple clogged drains throughout the home
  • Low water pressure
  • Discolored water
  • Unusual sounds coming from your plumbing fixtures
  • Abnormally high utility bills
  • Flooding in the yard
  • An increased presence of pests

If you’ve noticed the signs of water main line clogs affecting your home, don’t hesitate to get the expert service you need from Len The Plumber. Call our team at (800) 950-4619 to schedule water main line clog removal today!

Our Water Main Line Clog Removal Services in the Mid-Atlantic Area

At Len The Plumber, our team has years of experience removing clogs from water main lines in Mid-Atlantic area homes. Our water main line clog removal strategy largely depends on the following:

  • The exact cause of the clog
  • The location of the clog
  • The age and condition of your water main line

To determine the most effective resolution, we’ll first deploy our video camera inspection technology to pinpoint the exact cause and location of your clog. From there, we’ll recommend any of the following solutions:

  • Augering: If your water main line isn’t damaged, we can use this option to effectively eliminate any debris entering your plumbing system.
  • Main drain cleaning: When clogs have built up in your water main drain, professional cleaning may be the remedy you need to restore water flow to your home.
  • Main line repair: Over time, your water main line may become misaligned or experience minor damage, making main line repair your best solution.
  • Main line replacement: If damage is irreparable, a full water main line replacement may be necessary.

Allow Len The Plumber to deliver the water main line clog removal solutions your home needs — schedule plumbing service with our team today!

Why Choose Len The Plumber?

For years, the experienced technicians at Len The Plumber have delivered the top-quality clog removal solutions that families need throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. When you select our team, you’ll always enjoy:

  • Same day plumbing service, seven days a week
  • On-time, tidy service professionals
  • 120 certified plumbers with decades of industry experience
  • Fully stocked service trucks for all your plumbing hardware needs

Don’t gamble on your home’s water main line service needs: Contact Len The Plumber to schedule water main line clog removal today!

Schedule Water Main Line Clog Removal Today

No matter what the underlying cause of your water main line blockage may be, Len The Plumber has the skills and experience necessary to fix it. Join the more than 60,000 families that rely on our team to deliver the long-lasting plumbing solutions they need each year.

Contact us to schedule water main line clog removal services with Len The Plumber today!

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