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Sewer Drain Services in the Mid Atlantic Region

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One clog in the home is enough of a hassle, but what happens when all your drains appear to be clogged? What may appear to be an issue with all the drains in your home might actually be a blockage in your main sewer line. When sewer drain clogs are left untreated, it can have a devastating impact on your home’s plumbing system. At Len The Plumber, our team is committed to delivering the fast, reliable sewer drain services you need to restore access to high-performance plumbing in your home.

When your home’s sewer drain is clogged, trust the team at Len The Plumber to get the job done right. Contact us to schedule sewer drain clog removal services in your home today!

Signs You Need Sewer Drain Repair

A clog in your sewer line can lead to a number of plumbing issues throughout the home. For this reason, it’s fairly easy to detect the signs of needed repair services. Signs that you need sewer drain repair include:

  • Foul odors around the home
  • Gurgling noises from your toilet
  • Slow or stagnant drains
  • Greener-than-normal lawn
  • Mold presence on your walls
  • Puddles and soft spots outside the home
  • Increased presence of pests
  • Toilet backs up when you flush

As soon as you suspect a sewer line clog has occurred in your home, it’s critical to have the issue resolves as quickly as possible. When your home has a sewer drain problem, contact Len The Plumber to get the professional service you need in no time.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Services

In the past, sewer line repair services meant digging up your yard to locate and remove problematic pipes. This left quite a mess behind, requiring homeowners to not only pay for the cost of sewer line repair but also for landscaping to repair their lawn. Today, trenchless sewer repair services have replaced this invasive practice, allowing plumbing professionals to repair the problem without digging up your yard. By inserting a new pipe inside the old one and expanding it inside, the old pipe collapses, leaving the new pipe in place — all completed underground.

Len The Plumber’s professional team offers trenchless sewer line repair services throughout Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC, and Virginia. When your sewer line needs replacement, contact our team to get the expert services you need!

How We Repair Sewer Drains

Depending on the source of your sewer drain clog, our team may employ any number of repair service techniques. First, we’ll use our diagnostic camera to locate the source of the blockage. Once the clog has been identified, we’ll work to remove it without damaging the integrity of your plumbing system. If, however, the problem is a result of a damaged pipe, we may recommend trenchless sewer repair services to replace the problematic pipe.

No matter what our team recommends, we’ll deliver the fast, effective sewer drain clog removal services you need to regain peak plumbing performance in your home. Contact us to schedule service in your home today!

Choose Len The Plumber for Sewer Drain Services in the DC Area

Don’t let a sewer line clog result in long-term damage to your home’s plumbing system. Len The Plumber has the professional technicians you need to restore top plumbing performance in no time.

Contact us today to schedule the sewer drain clog removal or repair services you need.

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