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5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Cut Your Energy Costs Day

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Posted on: January 8, 2019

There’s Taco Tuesday and Hump Day but only Cut Your Energy Costs Day on January 10th has your wallet in its best interest!

What better day to start implementing all those cost saving measures in your home than on a day dedicated to reducing energy use and finding savings right in your own home. While costs in the Mid-Atlantic for energy suppliers and water rates are going up, the best way to hold the line on your budget is to find a way to be more efficient in your home.

Let’s take a look at some simple things you can do to cut your energy costs in your home.

  1. Insulate your water tank
    If you have an older water tank, take look at its insulation. If it has a R-value of at least 24, you are in good shape. If it is less, consider insulating your tank which could reduce standby heat losses by 25-45 percent, saving you about 7 to 16 percent in water heating costs, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. You may also consider replacing old, inefficient water tanks for more efficient models. A Len The Plumber expert can recommend the best water heater model for your home. Our Len The Plumber professionals offer repair or replacement services for all types of water heating solutions.
  2. Replace traditional light bulbs with LED
    Although more expensive at checkout, LED bulbs have a longer lifespan than traditional light bulbs. Take inventory in your home and swap out a few at a time to ease the cost of the transition. Each energy-saving bulb saves you more than $600 in energy costs over the life of bulb, according to energy.gov.
  3. Repair leaky faucets
    A dripping faucet is a drag on your wallet. All those drops add up to more than a drop in the bucket on your water bill. Chances are if you live in the Mid-Atlantic, you will be seeing an increase in the cost per gallon you pay. Why not make sure you are getting your money’s worth? A Len The Plumber professional can fix your faulty faucets and put a stop to your finance flood. Check out this drip calculator to get a real handle on how much water you are wasting.
  4. Unplug appliances not in use
    Phantom energy is the energy things, like your TV, computer and power cords, consume when they are switched off. You can save that standby power costs simply by unplugging not just powering down your appliances. An easy way to do that is by using a power strip with switches you can flip on and off as needed. Phantom standby power can cost the average household $100 each year! That’s a lot of real bucks for phantom power!
  5. Switch to Energy Star rated appliances
    An Energy Star certified washing machines uses 40 to 50 percent less energy and about 55 percent less water than standard models. Replacing it can save up to $50 a year on utility and water bills. An Energy Star qualified refrigerator uses about 40 percent less energy than models sold as late as 2001. And dishwashers with the Energy Star rating are 12 percent more energy efficient than traditional models.

So, eat that Taco on Tuesday, but take some time to look at ways you can make an impact on your energy consumption and Len The Plumber can partner with you to help get it done. Call our professionals today.

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