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Heavy Rains Bring Concern For Basement Flooding

August 12th, 2014|Categories: Sump Pumps|Tags: , , |

Nearly 5 inches of rain has fallen over the Baltimore region and according to the National Weather Service, a flash flood warning was put into effect this afternoon. So what exactly does this mean for your home?

If you have a sump pump, great, this is your first line of defense. However, if you come home to water in your basement or lower level, here are a few things to consider:

  1. If your sump pump failed, first check to ensure that it’s plugged in.
  2. If there is adequate power, then the pump itself may have failed or burned out from overuse or age.
  3. With the amount of rain we’ve already received, debris may have clogged or obstructed your drain causing water to backup. If this is the case, simply perform a visual check of your system’s discharge line and clear away an obstruction.

If there aren’t any signs of flooding, we suggest that you keep a close eye on the lowest level of your home to prevent major water damage.

As always, our experienced technicians are here to provide you with Same Day Service, 7 Days A Week! ¬†We’re standing by to help you if you’re experiencing issues from today’s heavy rainfall.