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How to Avoid Hair Clogs

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Posted on: August 25, 2017

Have you ever really taken a look around your bathroom to see how much hair is all over the place? Between shaving, trimming hairs, and it naturally falling out — there’s a lot! Unfortunately, all of this hair can clog your drains. But there are things you can do to avoid having to deal with those annoying drain clogs.

Install Drain Covers

  • Top Drain Screen – Installing one of these is as simple as placing an appropriately sized screen over your drain. These can be purchased at hardware and home goods stores. Place one in each shower and tub that don’t already have one. For kitchen sinks, purchase a mesh strainer that fits that drain opening.
  • Underneath Drain Screen – There are also drain screens you can install beneath your current drain cover. Install these screens by removing the drain cover, placing the screen in the middle of the pipe, fastening it in place with plumber’s putty (if necessary), and reinstalling the drain cover.

Keep Hair Away From Sinks and Showers

  • drain claning

    Brush the Away – Before heading into the shower, take a minute to brush your hair. This will remove any loose or unattached hairs from your head, so none will fall to the shower floor and into the drain.

  • Keep an Eye Out – During your showers, keep an eye out for any loose hairs on the surface of the bathtub or shower floor/walls. If you see any, place them in a pile away from the drain so you can throw it away once your shower is over with.
  • Run the Water – Shaving is something most men do over their bathroom sink. Even though these hairs are small (most of the time), run the tap for a minute or so when you’re done. This will allow the hair to make it all the way through the pipe, rather than getting stuck in the beginning.

How to Clear Out Hair Clogs

  • Do a Homemade Rinse – Once per month, pour one cup of baking soda directly into the drain you wish to clear. Afterward, pour one cup of vinegar (white or apple cider) directly into the drain. It’s going to bubble up passed the drain, so don’t be alarmed! Allow this to sit for a few minutes and then pour one or more cups of boiling water directly into the drain opening to clear any broken up debris.
  • Clear It With Your Hands – After installing drain screens, it’s just as important to clear them out every week or so. You can simply throw on a pair of gloves, reach your hand into them, and pull the hair out. For the under the cover drains screens, you’ll have to unscrew the drain cover to clear out the screen.
  • Call Your Local Plumber – Sometimes drain clogs can’t be cleared with baking soda, vinegar, or with your hand. Plumbers with professional techniques and equipment might be needed if the clog is bigger than expected and if it’s further down the pipe. Hmmm, we wonder where you can find a reliable local plumber that offers drain cleaning

Hair looks fabulous when it’s on your head — not when it’s inside of your drains and plumbing pipes. When you need clogs cleared from your plumbing, contact Len The Plumber. If you’re looking for a reliable plumber, check to see if you live in one of our many service areas!

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