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Plumbing Tips For Pet Owners

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Posted on: May 7, 2015

Attention all pet lovers!  Have you thought about how the plumbing in your home can be affected from your animal and vice versa?  We know it’s an interesting concept to consider, but we have bath tub cloggedgathered a few interesting tips that you should take into consideration if you’re a pet owner:

  1. During bath time, use drain stoppers or strainers in your tub or sink.
    • If you’re planning on giving your pet a bath, we HIGHLY recommend using a stopper or strainer to block animal hair from entering the drain. We know some pets, dogs especially, love to shed, and so by protecting your drains during bath time you’re also preventing drain clogs.  Reduce the risk of a slow moving drain by following this step.
  2. Keep the toilet lid closed!
    • Do you often find your pet licking the toilet bowl water? If so, we suggest that you, and everybody else in your home, get into the habit of keeping the lid closed!  The residue left from the cleaners and chemicals you use to keep your toilet clean can be very harmful to ingest.
  3. Cat litter doesn’t belong down the toilet even if the packaging claims it’s “flushable” .
    • To avoid a clogged toilet, it’s wise to only flush waste and toilet paper. Click here for a full list of what you can and can NOT flush down your toilet—kitty litter included.
  4. Watch how deep your dog digs in the backyard.
    • Water and/or sewer lines can sometimes be found as shallow as 18 inches below the surface of your lawn. If your pup loves to dig holes, make sure that they’re not digging deep enough where they can potentially put a hole through your water line or sewer line.
  5. Make sure your faucets and shower heads have pressure balancing valves.
    • Have you ever been in the shower when somebody flushes the toilet and the temperature gets increasingly hot? We’ve probably all been there.  By installing pressure balancing valves, you can avoid this problem in your shower and sinks.  This will reduce the risk of scalding your pets during bath time!
  6. Pet-proof your home.
    • If you have a small, caged animal make sure that your floor drains in the lowest level of your home are covered.

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