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Signs You Might Have A Sewer Line Issue

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Posted on: April 27, 2015

Who doesn’t love spring? Flowers begin to bloom, trees start to grow their leaves, and the grass becomes greener. While these are all wonderful things, this could affect your home’s plumbing

Debris removed from a recent sewer drain cleaning.

system, especially your sewer line. Did you know that the major root of sewer line issues come from overgrown tree roots? No pun intended.

If you’re concerned about catching your sewer line issue before it’s too late, we’ve gathered four warning signs you should look out for.

1. Frequent backups in your drains

Our advice to you is to steer clear of the “liquid drain cleaner” and call a professional to check out that backed up drain! If you have a drain that continuously clogs, especially in the lowest level of your home, it could come from a break or blockage in your sewer pipe.

2. The drains in your home begin making gurgling noises as the sewer empties

Listening to your plumbing is important! If you start to hear gurgling noises when you flush your toilet, you may have an issue.

3. You begin to see an indentation on your lawn

A sewer line typically extends from your home, through your front lawn, and into the city’s sewage system. If you have a break in your line you’ll begin to see an indentation on your lawn.

4. Your grass is soggy, and it hasn’t rained recently

Many homeowners catch sewer line issues simply by cutting their grass and finding a soggy patch when it hasn’t rained! This is a sign that there is either an issue with your sewer line or water line. It’s always a safe bet to get it checked out by a professional plumber.

Sewer issues can cause homeowners major headaches, but that’s why we’re here! We’ll take your plumbing problems off of your hands, so you can go back to more important things.
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