Signs You Have A Leak

Posted on: March 13, 2015

Some plumbing problems are obvious: the toilet is clogged, the garbage disposal stopped working, or the shower is slow to drain. However, leaks aren’t always the easiest plumbing issue to spot and they can appear anywhere in your home — in your floors, in your walls, and even in your ceiling.

While leaks are hard to find, here are a few signs to pay attention to that can often indicate that you have a leaky pipe somewhere in your home.

1. Increase In Your Water Bill

  • Our first recommendation is to keep track of your water bills. If you see a significant increase on your bill, it may be due to a leak somewhere in your home. To make sure the spike isn’t due to a seasonal change, compare your water bills from the same month from the previous year to see if it’s spiked.

2. Water Meter Continuously Ticking

  • If your water meter is continuously ticking despite water being used in your home at the time, this may be a sign of a leak.

3. Mold & Mildew

  • Leaks often cause damp spots, which can be found on the floor or above in the ceiling. These damp spots often cause mold, which gives off a musty odor. If you find that you have a musty smell around the home, regardless of how often you clean your home, you may have a leaking pipe.

4. Foundation Cracks

  • It’s common to find cracks in your home — after so many years, your house begins to settle. However, if you begin to notice foundation cracks suddenly occurring in your home it may be due to a leak. The water that constantly seeps out of your pipes can weaken foundations and structural components, which can cause cracks in the foundations or walls of your home.

5. Wet Spots

  • Visually inspect the area near sinks, tubs, and toilets. If you see wet spots or discolored area in the flooring, this may be caused by a leaking pipe.

If you notice any of signs occurring, give us a call to fix the issue.  The quicker our experienced and knowledgeable technicians get to your home the better! A leak can only get worse over time, which can end up costing you more money and more damage.
We’re able to provide you with Same Day Service, 7 Days A Week, with no extra costs on the weekends!

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