The Maintenance Your Boiler Needs This Fall

Posted on: October 25, 2017

Is your home equipped with baseboard heating? If you answered yes, then you should have a boiler somewhere in your home (hopefully without Freddy Krueger lurking behind it). Like all fixtures and systems, your boiler should receive its yearly maintenance. Because a decreased risk of breakdown, increased efficiency, and peace of mind sounds like a win to us!

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Checking the Water Level

As the homeowner, you should be checking the water level of the boiler every two weeks or so. If the water level is below the normal level, it will operate inefficiently and may cause damage to the unit. A boiler that operates without any water can become seriously damaged to the point of no return. If the water level is low or non-existent, have the plumbing around the boiler inspected for any faults.

Grease the Wheels

Whenever a piece of machinery has moving parts, you better believe it’s going to need some sweet, sweet oil to keep them moving. Otherwise, moving parts will begin to grind against each other and have an increased risk of breaking. Lubricate each moving part (fans, pumps, motors) and regularly check to see if any are in need of more lubrication.

Remove the Dust

Like all things in your home, the boiler will accumulate its fair share of dust. However, since you’re probably not dusting it on a weekly basis like the rest of the house, make it a point to clear the dust every two weeks or so. Dust can easily accumulate here, especially on the fan and its motor. Remove dust to help prevent parts from breaking down prematurely.

Yearly Checkup

There’s certainly a lot of regular maintenance you can do yourself as the homeowner. However, it’s just as important to have a certified technician service your boiler and its plumbing lines every fall before it’s turned on for the first time. This will ensure that there are no faulty parts, leaky pipes, or problems that could cause it to stop working in the middle of winter.

Pro Tip: Touch each baseboard and see if they’re warm to the touch — this means the system is on. If not, a professional service is most definitely needed.

Fall is a season filled with beautiful foliage, a crisp breeze, and of course — maintenance for your boiler system. When you need a professional to inspect your boiler and its water lines, contact Len The Plumber. If you’re looking for a reliable plumber, check to see if you live in one of our many service areas!

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