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Things You Should Never Put Down A Garbage Disposal

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Posted on: May 19, 2015

Whether your plans this weekend include bringing a dish to a loved one’s home or if you’re hosting a get together at your own home, you will definitely want to check out our latest garbage disposal tips. However, if you are heading out of town soon make sure you read our vacation plumbing tips to make sure you’re covered.

Our expert plumbers always warn homeowners of what you should NOT put down your disposal, so we’ve combined a list to share with our customers.

  1. Grease, Fats, Oil
    If you’ve ever let bacon grease sit for a period of time, you know what it does: solidifies! Imagine pouring any grease or oil down your drain. The same reaction will happen, and it will begin to clog your drains over time. It’s always a good idea to avoid pouring grease, fats, oil down your drain.
  2. Egg Shells
    Believe it or not, this is harmful to your garbage disposal. The shell’s stringy membrane can wrap around the disposal itself and will eventually begin to clog your pipes. If you’re planning on making egg salad this weekend, toss the egg shells in the trash!
  3. Pasta, Rice, Potatoes
    Foods with a lot of starch in them can begin to clog your pipes over a period of time. If you’re making potato salad this weekend, peel those potatoes in a strainer instead of throwing the skin down the disposal.
  4. Bones
    Steer clear from dropping turkey bones or chicken wings down your garbage disposal for obvious reasons.
  5. Stringy, Fibrous Foods
    Never put veggies like celery, onion peels, lettuce, corn husks, asparagus etc. down your garbage disposal. These items can get wrapped around the blades and could break the disposal.
  6. Pits or Seeds
    Many fruits have pits…peaches, cherries, even avocados! Trust us when we say the pit will 100% not make it through your garbage disposal if it’s dropped down there. If you by accident drop a pit down your sink, make sure your disposal is turned OFF before reaching down there to retrieve the pit.
  7. Coffee Grounds
    While we all need our morning cup of joe in the AM, watch where you put those coffee grounds. Over time, the grounds can put some wear and tear on the blades.

If you have the luxury of having a garbage disposal, make sure you take care of it! Putting harmful foods and liquids down your drain can not only break the disposal itself, but it can lead to clogged kitchen drains and leaky pipes under your sink.

Our technicians can make any type of garbage disposal repair or complete a garbage disposal installation the same day you schedule a service. Give us a call today or schedule an appointment online — we’re here to provide you with Same Day Service, 7 Days A Week!

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