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How To Get More Life Out Of Your Water Heater

A water heater is such an essential part of everybody’s home.  Without a fully functioning water heater, homeowners wouldn’t have warm water for showers, washing dishes or clothes, and the list goes on.  Let’s face it nobody likes a cold shower in the morning… or ever for that matter!

While most homeowners hope that their water heater will last decades, the average life of a water heater can last anywhere from eight to 12 years.   It is our goal to share some tips that can help you prolong the life of your water heater.

  • Clear the sediment out of your tank by draining it—It is very common for water heaters to have some type of sediment buildup due to calcium deposits in the water. These deposits can clog lines and lead to issues down the road.  A few times a year, you should drain a few gallons out of your water heater to reduce the amount of sediment buildup.
  • Lower your water heater’s temperature— The ideal water heater temperature is anywhere from 115-120 degrees. By setting your system to this temperature you will prevent scalding and also reduce the amount of sediment inside of the tank.
  • Visually inspect your water heater, valves, and pipes—Over time your water heater will begin to rust and could potentially corrode on the top or bottom. A few times a year, it’s always a good idea to visually inspect your system for any type of rust or corrosion.  Be sure to check all areas of the tank, valves, and pipes surrounding the system.

Water heaters play a part in our everyday lives, so why not take care of them!  Our Len The Plumber technicians are able to perform water heater maintenance and should you need a water heater, we can install one the same day you schedule an appointment.  Call us today to learn more about water heater repairs and installations.  We’re here for you 7 Days A Week—and remember, you’ll never be charged for evening, weekend, or holiday service.