What Are the Black Specks in My Water?

Posted on: January 30, 2018

Hold on a second! Check that glass of water you just poured from your faucet.

Do you see all of those black specks? Those shouldn’t be there, and you should NOT be drinking that water. While they aren’t hazardous to your health in small quantities, they aren’t part of the water and shouldn’t be ingested.

Here’s exactly what those black specks are:

do you know what the black specks in your water are?

Pieces of Corroded Pipes

Old plumbing pipes can begin to corrode after many years of use. Small, irregular pieces of pipe can break off and wind up in your glass (or pot of pasta water).

If you’re seeing black specks coming from the cold side of the faucet, it’s most likely your city’s pipes that are corroded. These black specks will become most apparent when your home’s water has been turned back on by the main water company after a shutoff.

Pieces of Corroded Water Heater

If you’re seeing black specks coming from the hot side of the faucet, it’s most likely your water heater that’s corroded. It’s also possible that the water lines to and from the water heater are corroded.

This is a warning sign that means you should have your water heater, and its faucet lines, serviced and flushed.

Pieces of Broken Parts

Are the black specks in your water small and rubbery? These could be disintegrated pieces of a rubber gasket, washer, or flexible supply hose. Rubber can begin to break down after years of use or because of disinfectants used in the city’s water supply.

Check any washers, gaskets, and supply hoses by shutting off the water to that specific sink and inspecting them. Replace any rubber pieces that have started to degrade.

There’s a lot you can do to improve the water quality within your home. You can have your pipes, water heater, and plumbing fixtures inspected and serviced — while also adding water conditioning. There’s a lot you can do for your home’s water, and we’ll be here to help when you’re ready!

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