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What’s That Water Leak Costing You?

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Posted on: March 16, 2015

LTP_FixLeakWeekGraphicDo you have any leaky pipes? How about a dripping faucet or a constantly running toilet? Water leaks are very common in homes, but did you know these issues can become costly ones? Fix a Leak Week starts today and we’re here to fill you in on why and how you can fix the costly leaks in your home!

Why should I be concerned about leaks?

  1. Small leaks can mean increases in utility bills
  • A leak that drips at the rate of one drip per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons per year, which is about 180 showers worth! Also, if you have a leaking showerhead or pipe from your water heater, you may be running your electricity bill up too!
  • Use our drip calculator to see how much your leak is costing you.
  1. Not every leak is easy to detect, which could make it more costly
  • Leaks in showerheads, faucets, toilets, and pipes are not always easy to see with just your eyes, especially if you aren’t looking for them. Sometimes it’s best to have a professional plumber do an inspection for you.
  1. Water consumption is on the rise
  • The population in the U.S. has doubled in the last 50-60 years. Water use has increased more than 3 times over the same period, according to the EPA.

What can I do to reduce water use at my home?

  1. Inspect your home for leaks
  • Do a walk through inside and outside your home, looking for water spots, puddles, or leaks from your faucets, showerheads and spigots or hose bibs.
  • Check your water meter!
    • For a two hour period, stop running water in your home
    • Record the meter reading before and after the two hours
    • If the meter is different, you may have a leak
  1. Upgrade your plumbing fixtures
  • Outdated plumbing fixtures are a big culprit for higher bills because they consume more water:
    • New showerheads and faucets come with aerators that can save the average family 700 gallons of water per year
    • New toilets can save a home 13,000 gallons of water or about $2,400 in water costs per year.

Water leaks can cause many headaches for homeowners, so take action this “Fix A Leak Week” to avoid leak issues down the road!

As always, our certified plumbers are here for you 7 Days A Week to provide Same Day Service to our neighbors in the Baltimore-Washington area. If you need a hand with that leaky faucet or running toilet, don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

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