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Why is My Sump Pump Running When It Isn’t Raining?

Posted on: April 28, 2022

Sump pump water drainageIt’s a sunny day, and you’re outside enjoying the weather when suddenly you hear a whoosh of water coming from your home! Your sump pump is hard at work, but why?

Let’s check out five reasons your sump pump might be working even when it’s not raining and which of these reasons deserve a call to your plumber.

1. A Rise in The Water Table

Spring storms can have lingering effects on the water table. It may take a few days post-storm for the water table to return to normal levels. So, while it may be a sunny forecast, the water table shows the accumulation of previous days’ rainfall.

Construction altering run-off or a nearby stream or river that’s overflowed or changed its course can also contribute to a rise in the water table.

An elevated water table can also cause a flooded basement or other flooding issues. If you notice any flooding or an extended period of labor from your sump pump, call a plumber to check for a groundwater leak or sump pump failure.

2. An Undersized Sump Pump System

Sump pumps are rated for pumping capacity, ensuring they have the horsepower to move the water the vertical distance it needs to exit the basement.

Similarly, your discharge pipe must be sized correctly to enable the water to be pumped out efficiently. Too little power or too small a pipe will cause the sump pump system to kick on more frequently and take longer to expel the water.

In this case, consult with a licensed plumber to evaluate your sump pump capacity. It might be undersized for your home.

3. A Broken Float Switch

Your sump pump’s float acts as a triggering mechanism to activate the discharge of water. Sometimes that float can get stuck on the sides or stuck in an “up” or “on” position, which will cause your sump pump to run continually.

You can dislodge the float manually. However, a damaged float will need replacement.

4. A Blocked Drain

Sump pumps rely on a drain to move the water from your home’s basement to its exterior. Over time debris and dirt can pass through the pump and dam up the drains.

If you can hear your sump pump running, but the discharge of water is labored, check the drain for a blockage. Depending on how close the blockage is to the surface, you may be able to clear it yourself, or you might need to call a licensed plumbing professional.

5. Sump Pump Failure

Your sump pump should function without you hearing it at work most of the time. Sump pumps that are making clunking noises might be tilted from the vibrations of their job.

It’s smart to conduct a manual test to make sure your sump pump system is working efficiently and diagnose any issues that might be making it inefficient.

Contact Len The Plumber for Sump Pump Service

The experts at Len The Plumber can help determine if your sump pump is overworking or running at a normal pace. In addition to testing and repairing your sump pump, we can recommend the best backup sump pump system for your home so you can have the confidence your sump pump will do its job.

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