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What Do Those Plumbing Noises Mean?

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Posted on: November 17, 2015

Have you ever heard strange noises coming from your pipes and plumbing?  The most common sounds are banging pipes, a whistling showerhead, knocking/popping sounds coming from your water heater, or a gurgle in the drain.  We know these noises are not only irritating, but could be an indication that your system is not running at peak efficiency.Plumbing Noises

Check out our tips and solutions for the most common plumbing noises to help put your mind at ease:

Banging Pipes

Water supply pipes are made of metal and can easily make noises or vibrations throughout your home. Reasons for excess banging may be due to improperly secured pipes or an obstruction in the piping.  If there is an obstruction in your pipes, you will have to get the blockage removed in order to have a smoother water flow through your pipes and decreased banging.

Whistling Showerhead

A whistling noise from your showerhead may be due to a clogged showerhead. Removing the showerhead and cleaning it can help remove buildup and deposits that may be contributing to the noise. If your showerhead is still making noise after you clean it, it may be time for a replacement!

Knocking/Popping Water Heater

A loud, knocking noise from your water heater is an indication of sediment buildup. Without proper water heater maintenance, limescale and other deposits will form along the sides of the tank and burner creating a sediment barrier when the water is heated.  Sediment buildup in the bottom of the water heater will reduce the efficiency of your system, which typically results in a longer wait for hot water and increase energy costs.

Gurgling Drains

When you flush the toilet does your shower drain or sink drain gurgle?  If so, this could indicate that you could have one of the following:

  • Clogged Pipe- Food and hair particles build up easily in your drains. Set up a drain cleaning appointment with one of our expert drain cleaning technicians and they’ll fix the problem for you quickly.
  • Air in your pipes
  • Drain venting issue
  • Sewer Line- A more severe problem could point to an issue with your sewer line. The most common cause for a break in your sewer line is due to tree roots.  If you suspect that you might have this problem, give us a call as soon as possible!

From drain cleaning to showerhead installations, water heaters, and more, Len The Plumber is here for you no matter the plumbing issue. Give us a call today for Same Day Service, 7 Days A Week. And remember, there is never an extra charge for evening, weekend, or holiday appointments.

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