Hose Bib Repair & Replacement

img-hosebibbDo you worry about shutting off your outdoor faucet every winter? Because of the way they were designed, older hose bibs (outdoor faucets) are at high risk of freezing during the cold months. Fortunately, newer models of outdoor faucets, or hose bibs, have been developed that eliminate this risk entirely! If you want to install a freeze proof hose bib in your home, call Len the Plumber today!

Also called frost proof bibs, sill cocks or freezeless faucets, freeze proof hose bibs prevent water from sitting in the unprotected, unheated end of the supply pipe. They do this by keeping the valve seat (the point where the water stops when the faucet is off) inside your warm home.

If you’re tired of struggling with freezing hose bibs or outdoor faucets, don’t wait – fill out the form to the right or pick up the phone and call us today! Our expert Baltimore, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia plumbing technicians will swap out your old outdoor faucets so you’ll never need to worry about frozen outdoor pipes again!

Our Hose Bib Services

At Len the Plumber, we’ve seen what happens when hose bibs freeze. Trust us – burst pipes are not something you want to deal with come spring! The Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia plumbing technicians at Len the Plumber can perform every step of the hose bib replacement process, including:

  • Draining the outdoor faucet
  • Cutting the supply line
  • Removing the old outdoor faucet and installing a new one
  • Fitting and soldering the pipe connections
  • Reinstalling the stem assembly

If you want to protect your outdoor hose bibs from freezing, call Len the Plumber today!

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