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Plumbing Leaks That Can Attract Pests

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Posted on: August 8, 2017

Have you ever wondered why insects and rodents are commonly found living in unfinished basements and crawl spaces? This is because of the high levels of moisture that are present in these spaces. This same causation exists around plumbing fixtures and pipes that are leaky and need repair.

Pests That LOVE Moisture

  • pests and plumbingBook Lice
  • Camel Crickets
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Silverfish
  • Termites

Plumbing to Inspect/Repair

  • Leaky Faucets – A sink faucet (or shower head) can leak with a noticeable steady drip, a less-than noticeable slow drip, or an unseen leak near the handles or base where the piping connects. At least once a month, it’s important to check the parts of each faucet — including underneath the sink where most leaks go unnoticed.
  • Basement Plumbing – For homes with basements (or crawl spaces), this is where most of the plumbing runs through the house — usually along the ceiling. For unfinished basements, the chances of being infested with pests are great due to the high moisture levels. If any of this plumbing begins to leak or develops condensation, this will only add to the risk. For finished basements, look for any brown ceiling stains that could signal there is a leak in one of these pipes.
  • Water Utilizing Appliances – The dishwasher and washing machine are two appliances that utilize gallons and gallons of water each time they’re used. If either is too old, has one part that begins to malfunction, or if there’s a clog in the water line, a leak can occur at any moment. Make sure these appliances are working flawlessly; call a repairman if either begins to malfunction.
  • Water Heater Maintenance – Like dishwashers and washing machines, the water heater is another plumbing fixture that can easily leak if a part is broken or maintenance isn’t performed. To avoid having any leaks that could lead to water damage and eventual pest infestations, have a plumber service and flush out this fixture annually.

Who would have ever thought that your plumbing could be the reason behind why you have so many insects and rodents living inside of your home? In order to avoid pest infestations, make sure your plumbing system and all of its fixtures are inspected, serviced, and repaired when needed. If you’re looking for a reliable plumber, check to see if you live in one of our many service areas!

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