What to Do When There’s a Sewer Line Clog

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What to Do When There’s a Sewer Line Clog

June 22nd, 2017|Categories: Sewers|

Do you fear that your sewer line has become backed up? Are your drains making gurgling noises, is water backing up out of those drains, or are your toilets constantly running? All of these warning signs point directly toward a sewer line that’s clogged. Here’s what you can and should do about this serious plumbing issue.

What Causes Sewer Lines to Clog?

Daily habits, behaviors, and environmental reasons can contribute to sewer line clogs, so it’s important to know what not to do when it comes to your home’s plumbing system.

  • Flushing anything down the toilet (besides waste and toilet paper)clogged sewer line
  • Pouring grease down the drain
  • Tree root infiltration
  • Debris (like mud, clay, grass) can get into the line
  • When the sewer line begins to sag over time

What to Do Next?

If the warning signs are present in your home, you might have some sort of drain or sewer line clog and it should be removed as soon as possible. For situations when only one drain is affected by this clog, you can attempt to use a drain snake to try and remove the blockage. However, if all of your drains and plumbing fixtures are affected by this clog, there is a bigger sewer line issue that needs to be addressed by a professional plumber.

What to Expect

Once your local, reliable plumber arrives, they should provide you with a video camera inspection of your sewer line. This will show the plumber (and the homeowner) if the sewer line is clogged and how bad the blockage really is. From here, the plumber will clear out the line and inspect the structure of the plumbing to see if there is any damage. Sewer line cleaning should be left to professionals as they can be difficult to access and easy to damage if you’re not careful.

Sewer lines can clog for multiple reasons, so as a homeowner it’s up to you to make sure yours is cleared and working perfectly at all times. When your home needs a professional drain or sewer line cleaning, contact Len The Plumber. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (800) 950-4169.