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Storage Tank & Control Repair in the Baltimore Area

Like all plumbing systems, your well needs professional attention from time to time — routine maintenance, replacing major components, repairing damage, testing water quality, and more goes into keeping your well safe, clean, and reliable. And your storage tank and controls, in particular, require expertise to keep them in good working order.

At Len The Plumber, our team offers comprehensive well services, so you can rest easy and leave everything to us. Our plumbers handle everything from routine work on wells and well pumps to updates like water pressure boosters or constant pressure systems.

Call (800) 950-4619(800) 950-4619 or contact Len The Plumber online today to schedule well storage tank and control repairs in the Baltimore area.

What Is a Well Pressure Tank?

Your well pressure tank, also called a storage tank, holds water pumped up from your well and pressurizes it for adequate water pressure. Once you use enough water that the pressure inside the tank drops below a preset cutoff point, the pump in your well turns on, and the tank is refilled.

The benefits of a well pressure tank are that:

  • It allows your well pump to run less frequently, turning on only to refresh the water pressure tank instead of turning it on whenever you need water.
  • It allows better control over the water pressure in your home.

Signs You Need Storage Tank Repair

When a storage tank malfunctions, it can affect the water supply throughout your home. Keep an eye out for these signs:

  • Sediment in your water
  • Contamination causing changes in color, taste, odor, etc.
  • Low water pressure
  • Bubbles in your water
  • Too much water in the tank

If these signs sound familiar, call Len The Plumber at (800) 950-4619(800) 950-4619 or contact us online to schedule service in the Baltimore area.

Choose Len The Plumber for Well Services in Baltimore

When you need a reliable plumber to handle the complexities of a well system, you can count on Len The Plumber. Our team is ready to deliver the well service you need, backed by our guarantee and great reviews.

Contact Len The Plumber online or call us at (800) 950-4619(800) 950-4619 today for storage tank and control repair in Baltimore.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal pressure for a well pressure tank?

Most wells sit between 30 psi and 50 psi, meaning the pump cuts on if pressure drops below 30 and turns off as it hits 50. Some homes require different settings to maintain the ideal pressure, so it just depends on your needs.

How do I check my well tank’s pressure setting?

Most pressure switches have the pressure setting printed directly on the switch, so you can see what it’s set to the same as the temperature on your water heater.

What causes well pressure tank failure?

Wear and tear is the most common cause of pressure tank failures, but this process can be accelerated by factors such as low water quality leading to issues like sediment buildup and corrosion.
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