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8 Quick Fixes for a Chilly Maryland Home

Posted on: February 9, 2024

Man wearing a sweater adjusting the thermostatDo you find yourself piling on more blankets while you watch TV? Don’t worry. There are plenty of quick fixes to make your home feel cozy and warm. From simple adjustments to more substantial improvements, here are eight solutions to help you banish the chill from your house.

1. Seal Drafts

Drafty windows and doors are some of the main culprits of air leaks. Use weather stripping or draft stoppers to seal gaps around windows and doors to keep the warm air in and the cold air out.

2. Install A Programmable Thermostat

Don’t waste energy heating an unoccupied home. A programmable thermostat will allow you to set your ideal temperature when you’re at home and lower it a few degrees when you’re away. This approach ensures you can have a cozy home without adding extra energy costs.

3. Insulate Pipes

While frozen pipes can be a cold reminder of winter weather’s destruction, adding insulation around your pipes, especially those on an exterior wall, can help plug the small spaces that let outside air in.

4. Inspect Your Air Filters

Your heating system works hard to keep you warm, but dirty air filters prevent your HVAC unit from doing its job. Replace disposable air filters or clean reusable ones and immediately notice a big change in your home’s airflow.

5. Check Your Circuit Breaker

If your home suddenly gets chilly, check to ensure your heating system’s circuit breaker hasn’t tripped. Circuit breakers trip for electrical safety, so your system may have overheated. Reset it and monitor the system.

6. Open Vents & Registers

Closed vents and registers block warm air, meaning it can’t be evenly distributed. While checking your vents, grab a dust rag and give them a quick swipe to ensure dust and debris aren’t preventing proper airflow.

7. Reverse Ceiling Fans

You might be going round and round wondering why your home is chilly, but did you know your ceiling fans can keep your home warmer? Set your ceiling fan to rotate clockwise in the winter at a low speed to push warm air down and circulate it through the room.

8. Open Your Window Coverings

You might not be suntanning in the winter, but the sun can provide natural heat to your home.

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